God’s favor evident

The favor of God can change your misery into joy and praises. His favor can take you from brokenness to a blessedness. What will be the result of God’ favor upon you? Below we will discuss, the evidence of God’s favor upon you. The Lord who loves justice, hates robbery and wrongdoing is faithful to reward His people. In Isaiah 61:3 we read that God will plant you as oaks of righteousness in order to display his splendor. (vs 3)

For you: The favor of God upon you will become evident to you when you receive the everlasting covenant from God. The everlasting covenant includes the ability to move from misery to joy. (vs 8) With God’s favor you will be able to move from tears to a life fulled with joy and praises. God’s favor will be able to rebuild, restore and renew your ruins to a remarkable life. This is an evidence that God’s favor is upon you.

For generations: The favor of God will escalate your descendants beyond other nations. The children of people with God’s favor will be bestowed with fame among people. When these people put in their effort, then God’s favor will work along to give a synergistic effect and excel beyond nations. All those people who see the descendants of people with God’s favor will acknowledge the fact that God’s blessings is upon them. (vs 9)

When God’s favor is truly upon you, then you will enjoy the everlasting covenant, your offspring will experience the blessings and the people around you will be an evidence to the same. God’s favor will establish His everlasting covenant to be evident in your life and your descendant’s life which will be acknowledged by the people around.

Favor of God upon your broken life

In Isaiah chapter 61, the prophet mentions about the current situation of a person. The Lord has anointed the prophet to proclaim the good news to the poor, bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom to the captives and release the prisoners from darkness. The Lord has appointed the prophet to declare the year of the Lord’s favor.

Break down in life is common. Life can be wrecked and can result in ruins. The favor of God will rebuild and restore the ruins and devastations. God can renew your broken life and change it for generations. Your broken life will receive help and support from strangers and foreigners. They will work in your fields, vineyards; tend your flock to back up your economy. Such support will help to rebuild, restore and renew your broken lives.

Rebuild: God will rebuild the ruins and devastation of your broken lives. God promises to show favor towards the brokenness in your life. God will revamp the destruction caused by the external insults caused by evil men. God will rebuild the broken parts of your life.

Restore: God promises to bring back your life to the previous situation. God’s favor will help to mend and fix the brokenness in your life caused by fellow beings. God will restore you to the previous condition.

Renew: God will resume reviving the broken life. By restoring God brings your broken life to its previous condition. Then further, God’s favor will take you to an advanced condition beyond your past level. God’s favor will renew your broken lives to a better and blessed life.

Broken life to a blessed life

When God rebuilds, restores, renews a broken life, the shame and disgrace associated it with such a life is also changed. By changing your broken life, God will give you a double portion instead of your shame and a rejoicing inheritance instead of the disgrace. Your life will receive a double portion of the land filled with everlasting joy.

The brokenness of your life will catch God’s favor. A broken life can be rebuilt, restored and renewed towards a blessed future. The blessed life will receive a double portion of inheritance with everlasting joy.


Favor of God upon your misery

In Isaiah chapter 61, the prophet mentions about the ear of Lord’s favor. Lord has anointed the prophet to proclaim the good news to the poor, bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom to the captives and release the prisoners from darkness. The Lord has appointed the prophet to declare the year of the Lord’s favor. Th blog helps to relate us to this favor of God.

Sorrow filled with teams, pain, grief and mourning can happen anytime in our life. This blog will help you to get over the sorrow by applying the promised favor of God. You might be crying in isolation. Your grief can be shown on your face. You might be mourning with deep grief but God will show favor on your current situation. Ashes are a result of grief. In the olden times, people used ashes as a explicit exposure of pain. We read in the Bible that Esther, Job, people of Nineveh sat on ash as an expression of their sorrow. Similarly you life can be filled with sorrow which you hide within you or try to express. In the year of Lord’s favor, God promises to give you the oil of joy instead of mourning. God also promises a garment of praise instead a spirit filled with despair. (vs 3)

God gives you the oil of joy and a garment of praise then goes on to plant you to display his splendor. God will entitle you to be called as oaks of righteousness. (vs 3) The oak tree is a symbol of strength and endurance. Oak trees are evergreen during any temperature and climate. The righteousness of these people will endure and overcome any external assaults. As a result of this the splendor of God will be displayed.

God’s favor will replace your sorrow and grief by giving you the oil of joy and a garment of praise. God will plant you to display His splendor like the oaks of righteousness.


The Psalmist’s encounter with the wicked

In Psalms 94, the Psalmist portrays his experience with the people who planned wicked against him. He then goes on the encourage us with the response that God gave for this encounter. At the conclusion of this Psalms he showcases his faith. By reading this whole Psalms one will gain the following: can relate to the injustice that one could face or have faced in life; be assured of God’s response; hold up the faith in our God of justice.

Psalmist invokes: The Psalmist call on the God of justice to rightfully judge the proud and the wicked. (vs 1,2)

Psalmist explains: The Psalmist explains the acts of the wicked as below. They:

  • Speak arrogant words and boost (vs 4)
  • Oppress the people of God (vs 5)
  • Harass the heritage of God (vs 5)
  • Kill the widow and foreigner (vs 6)
  • Murder the fatherless (vs 6)
  • Consider that God doesn’t see or hear (vs 7)
  • Band together against the righteous (vs 21)
  • Condemn the innocent to death (vs 21)

Psalmist cries: Psalmist calls out to God in his misery. Like us he questions God as to how long will you endure this wickedness God. Most of us would have done this in the heights of oppression and amidst unbearable pain. 

Psalmist claims: After his doubt he moves on to claim the ability of God. He never dwelt on his insecurities but laid them on God’s capabilities. He claimed that God hears, God sees, God rebukes and God knows. He then professed that God knows the plans and thoughts of man; that they are furtile.

God’s response: After all this God starts to act in the following ways.

  1. God disciplines and teaches the law (vs 12)
  2. God gives relief (vs 13)
  3. God judges with righteousness. He will never reject his people nor forsake his inheritance (vs14,15)
  4. God stands up against the wicked and evildoer (vs 16)
  5. God helps to prevent the silence of death (vs 17)
  6. God supports me with His unfailing love when my feet in slipping (vs 18)
  7. God consoles my anxiety to bring joy (vs 19)

Faith of the Psalmist 

The Psalmist experienced the oppression from the wicked and moved to different phases such as doubt, cry, claim to enjoy the response from God. He then proceeded to declare that God is his fortress and rock as his refuge. My God of justice will repay them for their wickedness. 

Brain train

Human brain is capable of multitasking. While at work, you can remember the light that you forgot to turn off. While at home, you can recollect about an email that you left unanswered. The worries and the joy of the day can intertwine with your daily chores and work tasks. At times, grief can forbid was from working or moving forward. When loaded with pain we tend to slow down and go into an inertia of rest. Sadness can bring life to a stand still. This on a routine basis can drive you into depression. Here I would like to present to you a tip to escape this depression. This will show you how to train your brain to think.

Brain will anyway keep thinking of somethings, this blog will help you to redirect and streamline your thinking process. We need to give proper food for thought else your brain will dwell over unnecessary matters. The protocol to train your mind is mentioned in Philippians 4:8 saying, ‘whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things”. One needs to regulate their though process with the following checks.

  1. Truth: One should first check for truth in their thoughts. Despite being truthful in your words and deeds, we are expected to think only truthful thoughts. We know the Word of God is truth and that the truth shall set you free (John 8:31-32).
  2. Honorable: Thoughts have to be analysed if they are honorable. Repaying good for evil and thinking of things that are honorable in the sight of all is acceptable (Romans 12:17). Our thoughts and acts have to be honorable before God and men (II Corinthians 8:21).
  3. Just: When your thoughts are just only then can your action be along justice. Justice always goes with righteousness.
  4. Pure: Pure thoughts will help you to lead a holy life acceptable before God. We read this in Matthew 5:8 that people with a pure heart which is nothing but refers to pure thoughts. Such people will pure thoughts will see God.
  5. Love: Our thoughts have to be filled with love. Those thoughts directed by bitterness or vengeance will give a heart break.
  6. Commendable: Thinking thoughts that a commendable are important.

One can practice this in his/her daily life to  prevent brain drain. These checks will help to keep unnecessary thoughts away and direct you thought life.

Brain train will help to prevent brain drain

Bad company 

Bad company is acquaintance with wicked, sinners and mockers. In Psalms 1 we read that blessed is the one that does not stand with the wicked nor walk in the way of sinners nor sits with mockers. In I Corinthians 15:33 we read that “Bad company corrupts good character” .  Paul writes about being mislead, he speaks about peer pressure in this context. Peer pressure has been in existence ever since the Biblical times. The people around you influence your thoughts, deeds and actions. Such people around you can mislead you from what is good and the will of God. So in the subsequent verse Paul urges us to come back to our senses and stop the bad deed.

As Christians, we are called to check our immediate surroundings. The people in our immediate surrounding should clear the test of being free from wickedness, sin and mockery. We should be careful in selecting our immediate surroundings. We should be vigilant and apply this test frequently to sense the change in intentions in them.  When we realize that they might mislead us into wickedness, sin or mockery them we should come back to our senses and abstain from sinning.

As Christians, the second aspect of this bad company blog is that we form the immediate surroundings of few people. In such an instance we should be careful not to spoil their good character with the wickedness, sin or mockery. We should pledge not to misled people and act according to the will of God.

To conclude, remember these two points. One, check yourself if you are a good company to people who consider you as their immediate surroundings. Two, check your immediate surroundings to identify bad company and alter accordingly.

Monotony in Christian life

It’s been more than a fortnight since my last post. I took an intentional break from blogging for a self centered reason ie, to be renewed. I have been living a monotonous life of a Christian, blogger, mother and researcher which revolved around meditation on the Word, preparing a blog post, baby sitting, household chores and profession related responsibility. In order to break the monotony, I took a layoff from blogging. Now I am back with a bang. I would like to write about my experience in breaking the monotony.

As a blogger, my routine was to prepare a blog and publish it each day. I used to be obsessed with the reach the blog and keep checking the number of reads and likes every now and then. This turned into an obsession instead of a passion. So i took this break of monotony, with the sole reason to be renewed. I read this verse in Romans 12:2, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect”. Renewal is required for anything and everything from possessions, property even up to people. If not renewed we would be out dated.

We read in this verse that one should never comply with the rules of this world. I realized that my obsession was something of this world and I decided to get over it. As headway, I abstained from blogging. I asked God to renew my mind and give me the actual reason for choosing to use me as a blogger. Instead of being driven by the obsession I wanted to be driven by God alone. So I tested this blogging passion with the will of God. God made me understand that in blogging the number of reads or number of likes or number of comments never matter to Him. All that matters to God in blogging is to reach the person or the few persons that each blog was intended for. We know that God the grand weaver knits together people to accomplish His eternal purpose. God uses our words to encourage a discouraged soul. God uses our hands to lift a fallen being. Similarly I believe God uses these blogs to enrich and nourish a weak body. So I was called to be renewed in my thinking as a blogger. As a renewed blogger, I have put off my old self and got over the obsession and worldly desires of my corrupt self. I am renewed to my new self that seeks to test each thing and discern every act to align it with the will of God. Through the grace of God, henceforth my role as a blogger will be to discern God’ will and write blogs that are good, acceptable and perfect in God’s righteous and holy presence. (Ephesians 4:22-24)

In the end of this renewal exercise, I released that this renewal is applicable to many parts of a Christian life. One could try to apply this renewal to areas that we need development in and ask for God’s guidance. When our intentions are aligned with God, I believe that He will surely guide us towards renewal. Hold on to these two verses, one Romans 12:2 as a starting point of your renewal process and two Ephesians 4:22-24 as the endpoint of your renewal process. Romans 12:2 highlights the aspects of your life that are worldly and leads you through the renewal process of testing and discerning God’s will for you. Ephesians 4:22-24 gives an account of your former and newer self – the destination of your renewal process. So renewal will break the monotony and pave way for up gradation. Remember, renewal is necessary to prevent being out dated.

New Year prayer

My heartfelt New Year wishes to you and your family. May the good God fill your life with goodness, gladness and grandeur according to His riches in glory. Similar to a previous blog titled ‘Birthday prayer’; I was waiting on the Lord for a command instead of a promise.  Here is the verse that God showed me,

“Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness, you who seek the Lord: look to the rock from which you were hewn and to the quarry from which you were dug”.

God reminded me to look behind at the year 2017. This year was a mixed bundle with new beginnings, sad endings, fun, joys, memories, prayers, praises, thanksgiving, losses, pain, sorrows, growth and what not. Through this all, God was my rock and He was my rescuer. I would like to mention two things and their outflow.

  • The gifts that brought joy

Each of us would have received at least one gift from God in the previous year. Gifts always come with joy. They enlighten a gloomy soul. The list of gifts would be never ending. So this will help us to enter the New Year with a heart of praise.

  • The losses that brought pain

Losses are inevitable. Loss could be in the form of people, time, money, materials, opportunities etc. Loss brings tears and pain. It is not good to enter 2018 with a bitter heart. Hence let us lay down our worries, pain, sorrow that the loss brings at the feet of our God. Let us not carry them into the New Year. Let us pray and bind the losses and carry the strength that we earned out of them to face the unfolding year.

Live the New Year with eyes fixed on the Rock who is our eternal Savior.  Let us seek the Lord and pursue righteousness.  Amen!