Cry from a pit

There was a situation in life when I felt that I was standing amidst trembling walls. Fear of the future was gripping me. I stood still and dare not move a muscle. My mind was devising plans as to escape the consequences of these circumstances. On such a day, I came across a short video by Pastor John Piper. This message shared in the short clipping was for me.

The preacher spoke about David’s prayer mentioned in Psalms 40 as a result of untoward circumstances. He also added that quitting is never an option for a Christian. Though the misery of life might seem to engulf you, you are supposed to stand your trust on God.

Dear brothers and sisters, your family problems are known to God. The relationship crisis that you are face is evident to God. The set back in your ministry is never far from his knowledge. God knows every aspect of your life. All these situations are like falling into a pit of miry clay. When you try to ascend up from the clay all by yourself, you will be drawn deeper. This is quality of a clay pit. Hence. one has to wait for a helping hand. Similarly, these deliverance from  these situations can come only from God. Self help will never help. We need to acknowledge that our situations require God’s help. When we pray, we beseech God’s help into our situations.

God expects was to wait patiently for Him to act. He will act in His perfect time. We can never prepond or postpone God’s timing. Our duty is to wait. We may never know the duration of the waiting period, for some it may be hours and for others it may be days, weeks, months, years or ever decades. So your cry from the pit has to be illustrated in the form of waiting in patience. One can enact this patience with absolute trust on God’s timing and perfect plan. The blessing or the breakthrough that you are anticipating will unfold in God’s time. So wait patiently for His plan.

Hastening budding may distort the flower. Likewise, manipulating God’s time and will can derange your entire life.


PS: The link to the video that I had mentioned is given below.


Trials? Count it joy

When you face a sea of temptations it is obvious to become weary. When you are tossed in an ocean of tribulation you can be suffocated by the pain. Your hope can be cut off. This blog is an upshot of the spiritual meal that was delivered to us when we experienced rough sea in our life.

We happen to read the first chapter of James and verses two to eight caught our attention. Paul says count it joy to be tempted. Why? Trials are for a reason.  Problems challenge the faith in you and will unfold it. Faith is like an umbrella, you can carry it all the time but you really use it when tribulation hits you like the rain. This faith in action yields patience.  When we really mature, we learn to endure difficulties with patience. This mature character is the reason behind there trials.

A mature Christian is perfect, complete and lacking nothing. These are the three terms used by Paul to explain the final product of enduring trials. Aren’t these words similar? No. Completeness refers the quantitative aspect, like ticking off in a checklist of parts of machinery. You just check for the presence of the part no matter the quality or working condition. Perfectness refers the qualitative aspect, like you look into every detail of the part. Lacking nothing refers being up to the mark without any deficit.  So this is the purpose of any trial that we face, hence Paul counts it joy.

Like Paul, we are called to rejoice in our suffering with focus on the final yield. (Romans 5:3) Trials are God’s way of molding and mending us to fit the spiritual image God has for us. We as clay should endure to the pain from the potter’s wheel in view of the fine piece of art we one day will turn out to be. Let us practice faith, endure trials and rejoice in them to achieve God’s spiritual image planned for us.

The quality of love

God loved us beyond measure and gave His own son. Christ laid His life for us. These are the best examples of love that we can ever encounter. Love when taught by these tutors will be ever-lasting. In I Corinthians 13:7,8 we read that,

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.”

We need to approach this verse with utmost acumen to perceive the connotation behind these carefully chosen words such as, bear, believe, hope, endure and never ends. We shall discuss one by one.

Love bears:

The literal meaning of ‘bears’ is, to support or carry the weight. Love is never a bed of roses as we see in movies. We will have lovely moments like them but we need to remember there are grey days too. To love, one has to be ready to face the brunt of it. A person with love is committed to maintain a warm relationship despite the chill breezes or windy storms.

Love believes:

The literal meaning of ‘believes’ is, to accept the truth regardless of any evidence or proof. A love struck person can believe in people and situations related to their love relationship in the face of the present day adversity.

Love hopes:

The literal meaning of ‘hopes’ is, to be expectant of something. Believe and hope differs with the duration. Hope refers to a futuristic desire. A person filled with love can rise above a current mess and expect a good life in their future.

Love endures:

The literal meaning of ‘endures’ is, to remain in existence and suffer patiently’. A person infatuated by love can walk gracefully notwithstanding the pain.

When a person triumphs over all these four, love is upgraded to life-long validity. Love is eternal when one can bear, believe, hope and endure in the toughest of life’s situation. We can apply this tip to any relationship that demands love – couple, family, and friends. One good example for demonstration of all this is Joseph. Joseph had to bear the weight of hatred from his brothers.(Genesis 37:4) Joseph’s brothers could not speak peacefully with him because of their father’s love and his dreams. Joseph demonstrated the belief on his brothers as he set out to visit them and check on their wellness.(Genesis 37:12-17) His brothers conspired against him and ended up selling him as a slave and fabricated his death to their father.(Genesis 37:32-33) Joseph hoped for a reunion and endured the pain of separation. As a result, he was able to love his brothers endlessly when they came back to him.(Genesis 42) We are called to qualify our love to eternity. When we face tribulations in relationship with love, we will be able to spring back with more love. Love never ends so does the love-filled relationships.

Using your authority rightly

Haman a rival to the Jews plotted against them and planned to wipe them off the nations. During this time, Esther was the queen of the nation. She learned about this plot from Mordecai her guardian who also commanded her to plead for the Jews.(Esther 4:8) Like one of us, Esther came up with an excuse. (Esther 4:11) The next reply of Mordecai is as follows,

“Do not think to yourself that in the king’s palace you will escape any more than all the other Jews. For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”(Esther 4:13-14)

This reply of Mordecai is our pivot for discussion. He incorporates four aspects to ring a bell in Esther’s mind. One, he highlights the misconception of Esther being safe in the king’s palace. Two, he demonstrates the strength of his faith by being sure that God will deliver His people. Three, he enlightens Esther of the curse to follow after this missed opportunity to stand up for God. Four, he nailed a point on the purpose of Esther’s position. This power packed statement indeed rang a bell. Consequently she agreed to stand before the king for the cause of Jews. I would pause here to extract the essence from the above passage for our Christian living.

Any given position is associated with authority. Mordecai here reminds us that we are given that position to use the associated authority for God. He also insists probably this position was give to you so that you could use the authority for God’s people in a difficult situation. Also be reminiscent about the curse associated for not using the authority for God. Hence using an authority for God is not a choice. You are kept in that position to fulfill God’s purpose more than your own. This would easily make sense for people who work for their earning but for people who don’t here is the explanation. All of our given a position and associated authority. When I say position it is not always a fancy one with luxury and fame. Positions can be your role as a homemaker, a parent, a sibling, an in law or a grandparent. So positions either career oriented or family oriented does have associated authority. We are called to fulfill God’s purpose in all our roles.

As Christians, we should acknowledge that my position is from God and for God. We are in this position to do fulfill God’s purpose. We need to beseech God’s guidance to use this God-given authority for his glory in all our positions. Let us decide to use the God-favored position for His glory as Esther did. Also we need to be diligent enough to play the role of Mordecai in reinforcing this in the life of our family members and friends.

A parent’s prayer

Manoah and his wife had to walk through a long pathway until God opened the door to parenthood. During their waiting period, there came a messenger from God. The angel of God brought good tidings. He met Manoah’s wife and declared that they will receive a son. Additionally he also gave a list of instructions to be followed. Though Manoah was not around, his wife informed him of the messenge. Subsequently we see a heartfelt prayer that Manoah prayed,

“0 Lord, please let the Man of God whom you sent come again to us and teach us what we are to do for the boy who is to be born.”

God did answer his prayer and the Man of God came again to visit them. Moreover, he repeated the instructions to be followed. The parents diligently followed them and God blessed their son, ‘Samson’.

What is more special about Manoah as a parent?

Firstly, we see his interest in parenting. His involvement to do only God instructed things in the life of his son. He waited on God to reassure and reconfirm, if those instructions were really from God. Secondly, he prayed to listen to God instead of asking God to listen to his prayers. Usually parents ask for what they feel is appropriate for the child on the contrary he prayed to know the heart of God for the life of his son. Thirdly, he diligently obeyed and followed each of those instructions. Manoah and his wife played their roles to perfection. God blessed Samson and started to stir his spirit.

We as parents are called to ask God to teach us our parenting goals. In this modern world, our parenting targets can be against what God has. We need to understand the pulse of God for our child. We need to pray and wait for instructions to be followed in their life. Godly counsel during their formative ages will be the best manure for their growth. Above all we should we ready to follow the Godly instructions come what may. We can never be picky and chosy about following them. Complete obedience to Godly counsel in your parenting role will nurture Godly progeny.

Faith is….

Impossible things are possible with God. He is capable to acting beyond logical thinking. A few from the Bible are mentioned here,

  1. Water turned into wine – John 2: 1-12
  2. Raised the dead – John 11: 38-44
  3. Healed the sick – Matthew 8:14
  4. Rose from the grave

The power of God starts when the power of man ends. God will act only we surrender out rightly. When we have other ways of making things work then God will never pitch in. God looks for a sincere heart that believes completely in His ability. This is why we see God questions about the faith of the people approaching him for a miracle.(Mark 9:14-29) This mandates our complete belief on God. So in our daily lives let us keep God’s capability in front of our eyes and walk in faith.


The Lord hates…. (ebooklet)

It gives me immense pleasure in releasing this ebooklet on this Palm Sunday. This booklet can be used as personal meditation tool for this Passion week. You can download the booklet by clicking on the link below:

ebooklet – The Lord hates…

Read and be blessed!!!

Share with your family and friends. You can also share your personal experience as a testimony.

Bold is blessed

King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon took into captivity Daniel and his friends who were young men without blemish, handsome in appearance, skillful in all wisdom, endowed with intelligence and discernment, quick to understand, competent to stand and able to serve in the presence of the king. (Daniel 1:4) These young men lost their nationality and lived in a foreign land under the custody of another king. In this juncture, they were commanded to eat the royal food with all sorts of meat and wine. To our surprise these men who lacked freedom had the boldness to raise their views. (Daniel 1:8) Daniel succeeded in convincing his in charge to test them with their sort of food. Daniel and his friend took the bold step to be tested against the whole crowd for ten days with pulses and water. (Daniel 1:12) At the end, their in charge found that the countenances of Daniel and his friends’ looked fairer and their flesh fatter than those who ate royal food. (Daniel 1:15) As a result he ordered Daniel’s meal plan for everyone. We read that the king could not find anyone like Daniel and his friends; they were ten times better than all magicians and astrologers. (Daniel 1:19,20)

I was challenged when I tried to apply this situation to my life. In our Christians, living we at some point or the other we have stood for our views to made them work. The difference with Daniel is that he stood for his views despite the fact that he was a slave who lacked basic freedom. Daniel took this bold step to magnify his relationship with God. To be very specific, he was risking his life for his Godly views. Imagine his in charge got furious on him; he could have beheaded him or imprisoned him. It is look jumping of a cliff without a parachute. God honored his boldness with the blessings that he needed. First God gave him favor in the eyes of his in charge. Second, God used Daniel’s diet to nourish them with beauty and wisdom over ten times than the others.

When faced with life situations than deviate from our Godly views, what do we do? Do we forgo the injustice as a passive onlooker? Do we let things unnoticed instead of taking bold steps? We need to take time to introspect in this aspect. Ask God to show us areas where we need to take a bold step and stand for God. Standing for God in a favorable situation is easy but standing for Him despite untoward situations is essential. When we do this I am sure God will honor you with the due blessing.

How is your faith? So will be your blessings

In Hebrews 11:1 we read that, ‘Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.’ In simple words, faith believes in unseen things and hopes for them.

Logical thinking will hamper absolute faith because human minds demands to see things to believe. Our analytical things searches for proof and evidence in order to trust. But the Bible warns us that our faith should never be based on human standards instead on the power of God. (1 Corinthians 2:5) Our God is awesome in power and hence our faith can be easily based on Him. This faith on God will qualify us for what God has prepared as mentioned in 1 Corinthians 2: 9, ‘What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him’. The blessing that God has prepared for those who believe in His power is beyond human imagination.

When our logical thinking comes in our way to have faith then send it to the backseat and use faith to steer the wheel of your life. Use God’s power as the standard for your faith and hope for unseen things. When you wait for your blessing and see all closed doors around believe in the God who can banish any lock to deliver His blessing. To inherit a blessing beyond human comprehensions then raise your faith beyond human thinking.

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