Mr. Job as a friend – 1

At this juncture, Job stands denuded of all his possession, ransacked of all his children, ravished of all his wealth and betrayed by his beloved wife. Job was like a destitute, poverty stricken man hard pressed on all sides. Just when Job was thinking that he had nobody to stand with him, his friends enter the scene.

Job’s friendship 

Though Job was rich and prosperous he had three dear friend namely, Elisha, the Temanite, Bildad, the Shunite, Zophar, the Naamathite. These friends came to a consensus to do the following for their dear friend Job.

  • Meet Job

Job’s friends proved the Bible verse that says, ‘friends love at all times’. (Proverbs 17:17) A timely help is such a rare gift one could receive. Job’s friends furnished Job with that timely comfort that he needed. Probably this was a reciprocation of what they had previously received from Job during their time of trouble. Seeing that Job’s friends pitch in immediately to help him we should be convinced that Job would have done this to them during their calamities. 

    All three of them started from their respective homes and met together in a command place. There they decided to immediately go and meet Job. (Job 2:11) They were unable to recognize Job when they saw him from afar. (Job 2:12) The waves of camalities have disfigured Job to an extent even his friends were unable to recognize him.

    • Mourn with Job

    On seeing such a sight, Job’s friends couldn’t bear the misery that struck their friend that they began to weep aloud. They wept and tore their clothes. They sprinkled dust other heads. They demoted their socials status and sat with their friend on the ground for seven days and seven nights. 

    • Comfort Job 

    Job’s friends who loved him to the core were also struck by the calamity that had come on him. They were not in a position to console Job. They were heart broken and needed comfort. So they were unable to utter a single word to him. Job’s misery hit his friends immensely. This indeed revealed the quality of their friendship.

    To conclude, I would like to leave few points for consideration:

    1. Friendship is essential. Friends can love us at all times, console us in adversity and correct us when wrong. So have a few friends who ensure spiritual edification. But be very cautious in choosing this friend, unreliable friends bring ruin. (Proverbs 18:24) Friends who stick closer than a brother is also possible.
    2. Show kindness to such friends and be present with them when they need you the most. Show kindness when you are rich because you may not know when you would require it in return. At some instances, just your presence can make the difference. Show that you love your friend by being present with them. When you do this, these friends would stand for you during your adversity. 
    3. Reach out to your friends in adversity. Give your comfort and restore peace in their lives. You could be sent into their lives to bring peace during their troubles. So play the role of a peace maker in the lives of your dear friends. 

      Job’s friendship has raised these thoughts. Consider them to pick the ones that suit you the most. Be blessed and stay a blessing. 


      Mr. Job as a husband 

      Job was hit by waves of calamity back to back. In the entire book of Job, his wife spoke only once.(Job 2:9) This blog unfolds as a answer to my life’s situations. God spoke through this one verse. All these thoughts are from this particular verse. Let us read that verse in Job 2:9,

      “Then his wife said to him, “Do you still hold fast your integrity? Curse God and die.”

      Job’s integrity testified

      Despite her short roleplay, her role is pivotal. She gave the crux of the entire message in that single response verse. In this verse she testified about her husband’s integrity. We have already seen that God had testified about Job. God spoke of Job’s integrity just before Satan could start the second round of calamity. Job’s integrity was seen by God and men, that is the beauty of integrity. If your integrity before God is clear then you would pass the tests before men. Job’s wife who observed all his ways and deeds testified about his integrity. 

      Job’s latent calamity 

      Job’s wife gives an idea to give up the integrity. She guides him to curse God and leave his life. She came up with the next calamity of Job’s life. Satan worked through Job’s wife who betrayed him and misguided him. This blow on Job was the strongest of all because the only person who promised to stand by him in the good and the bad, just didn’t understand him. Job’s wife could not feel Job’s heart at this juncture. She could not align with her husband’s thoughts because the Satan had blinded her. Job’s wife was a rot to his bones as result of her foolishness. (Proverbs 12:4) Job stood orphan with no one to understand him, in his calamity. But Job looked to God. 

      Job was not like Adam

      Job was not like Adam in blindly following his wife’s instructions. Job weighs the value of her idea and when found guilty overthrew her false teachings. Job carefully considered her idea and backfired at her to call her a foolish woman. He outrightly objected unlawfulness. Despite his loss, he retained his integrity. Job acclaims this in Job 8:20 as, ‘God will not reject a man of integrity, nor will He strengthen or support evildoers’. Hence he wanted to preserve his integrity before God. Though he was sitting like an orphan, a beggar and sick man he held to his integrity. 

      To conclude I would like to highlight these points.

      1. Job’s integrity is something that we should try to implement in our lives. Retaining the integrity despite the calamity is the essence. (Job 2:9)
      2. Dear sister, never be a wife like Job’s wife. Never demotivate or misguide your husbands when difficulties come your ways. Never be a rotness to his bones. Instead be a virtuous and excellent wife worthy of honor like a crown to tour husband. (Proverbs 12:14)
      3. Dear brothers, be a husband like Job. Never follow false teachings even if it from your beloved. Be rooted in God to guide your wife in Godly counsel and bring her back if she wanders away. Guard your life and your wife. 

      This is a lovely blog that is useful for young couples. I hope you are benefited by this. Be blessed and be a blessing. 

      Mr. Job’s response to calamity – 2

      During his second trial Satan brought skin sores on Job. Perviously he was deprived of his children and wealth. After this calamity how did Job respond. What was Job’s mode of response? 

      Job grieved 

      Job had sores all over his body from the crown of his head to the sole of his foot. He suffered in his body. As a sign of grief he sat in ashes. He showed his pain in his gesture. As a normal human being he was able to feel the pain and displayed his emotions. He was literally hurt and broken down but this calamity. There is a verse in Psalm 71:20 as, You who have made me see many troubles and calamities will revive me again; from the depths of the earth you will bring me up again’. Job lived in accordance to this verse. He underwent the trouble in the same time he acknowledged God’s power to revive him again. Job’s temperament to be blameless despite the calamity is deeply rootd in the fact that God is able to lift him back even from the depths of the earth. Absolute trust on God’s restorative power is paramount for Job’s temperament.

      Job overruled

      In Job 2:9 we read that, Job’s wife triggered to deranged his temperament. She questioned his integrity towards God. She went a step ahead to provoke him to curse God and then die. But Job overruled the negative counsel of his wife. Inspite of his grief, Job was able to distinguish between Godly and worldly counsel. The teaching of the wise is like a fountain of life which prevents us from death. (Proverbs 13:14) On the contrary, the teaching of the foolish is a snare to our life. Hence we should be clear to choose from the teachings and the counsels that we receive. Though the counsel might be from a spiritual leader, a family member or even a trusted friend one needs to analyze if it is a wise teaching. Job’s temperament was stable enough to analyze and follow only wise teachings. 

      Job trusted 

      Job trusted God during his good times. He continued to trust God even during this bad times. Despite the situation, Job continued to trust God’s provision in his life. 

      Job’s tongue 
      We read in Job 2:10 (ESV), ‘In all this Job did not sin with his lips’  Job kept his tongue clean in all this circumstances. Job never opened his mouth against God. Job did not utter even one word against his Creator. In James 3:8 we read that, ‘no human being can tame his tongue’. But Job disproved this. He tamed his tongue and kept himself blameless. 

      In life we are exposed to difficult times, we pity our own condition and use it as an excuse to demean God. We talk against God and questioning his existence as a result of trouble. But we have a good example in front of us. Despite of his grief, Job overruled false teachings and continued to trust in God’s provision. Job’s tongue is something we can train to attain and be blameless before God. Let us pray that we have Job’s temperament and train to have Job’s tongue during trails in life. 

      Mr. Job hit by calamity – 2

      After the first calamity that devoured Job’s children and his material possessions, Job held to his patience to sail over those situations with perseverance. Again there was a similar scene in which Satan came to the presence of God after loitering through the earth. God again boosted about Job’s characteristics such as blameless, upright, feared God and stayed away from evil. This time he added another characteristics called integrity. God mentioned that Satan had struck him without reason despite of which Job held to his integrity. (Job 2:3) 

      Satan  cunningly challenged God with the next level of tests for Job. Satan argued that Job will give in if God touches his body. Satan provokes God to allow him to touch Job’s bone and flesh. God allowed Satan to touch Job but to spare his life. Satan left God’s presence with this permission. 

      Satan struck Job with sores from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head. (Job 2:7) Job who experienced heartache during the previous calamity now experienced physical pain. Job took a piece of pottery to scratch his skin. Job’s body was traumatised. His heart was agonized. 

      You and me claim that we go through tough situations in life. We say that we bear the weight of the situations and undergo suffering. How many of us have been tested to this extent? A very few. Job was hard-pressed in all directions. His children and their families were pluck away from his grasp.  Job became a destitute in his own land. Job was abolished of his social status. Job was deprived of his tag as a parent. Job was sickened with skin disease. Job was detached of all that he had – children, possession and health. Job endured all this sufferings. When we compare this to the level of suffering that we undergo, I feel guilty. No wonder Job has suffered a lot. Job was shattered. But in this juncture what was his response? In the next blog we can discuss about how Job responded to this calamity. 

      Eradicate record of wrongs

      Record is an evidence which could be of many types written, verbal, digital etc. Record cam be for good and bad things. Human nature is fascinating that it tends to easily forget the record of good things but holds on to records of bad events forever. In the Bible we read in I Corinthians 13:5 as, ‘it (love) keeps no record of wrongs’. Normal human tendency is to take vengeance and take revenge. Is it really possible not to have a record of wrongs? Yes, I deed. I would like to quote on character from the Bible who implemented this in his life.

      Joseph was a dear son to his father and to the heavenly father. Joseph had dreams that God would bless him above his brothers. Joseph clearly knew that God’s favour was with him. One fine day, Joseph’s brothers sold him to merchants from Egypt as a slave. (Genesis 37:12-36) The next few years of Joseph’s life was spent in slavery and bondage. Since God’s favour was with him God lifted Joseph to be a governor in that foreign land. Then came a time when there was seven years of famine but bread was available in Egypt alone. (Genesis 41:54) Joseph’s father sent his sons to get food for them from Egypt. Joseph recognized them and showed love to them. 

      Joseph could have retaliated. Joseph could have kept the record of all the evil they did to him and taken revenge. Joseph showed the difference. Joseph showed love. Joseph was able to do this just because he got over the bitterness that he had in his heart against them. Joseph instead of doing wrong did good to his brothers. Similarly let sit and think over our lives. 

      Do we secretly maintain a record to note down the evil acts done against us? Do we find pleasure waiting for a day to take revenge against all those people? Readers get over all such list of wrongs that you maintain. Let was pray to God to help us to completely eradicate this record of wrongs. Pray that we may not create any new wrongs list in the future too. Get over the bitterness linked to them. Then you will be fully gear to “Do good to evil doers”. Show the love of Christ that you received in your lives even while you were a sinner. Do good and spread love.