Worry freezes your vision and frosts your hope



Stale hope

Hope is the belief that you will find the answer to your life’s question. Hope has to be preserved and practiced. A piece of bread left on the table for few gloomy days, will turn stale and catches fungus. When hope is left aside without practice, it becomes musty and rusts. Like the fungus, fear and worry will start growing. Stale hope will never help you achieve. Hope has to be preserved through gloomy days in life.  In order to preserve hope, one has to practice it regularly.

When your hope gets stale, fear breeds


Pebbles of hope

Hope is never a chunk of rock but small pebbles. These little pebbles when dropped into a jar of water would expel the water to replace it. This is a simple fact which we all know. Similarly, collection simple acts of hope can ward away doubt. One might possess an ocean of doubt or fear. But little deeds of hope will replace doubt. Pebbles of hope help us to build the trust on God and His best for us.

Little pebbles of hope expel an ocean of doubt


Hope reinforced

Hope is never a solitary act. Rather, a way of living. Hope is nurtured day in and day out. Hope is intensified when one continue to believe and clears the test of time. Hope is strengthened by experiences gained from difficult situations. Many things such as concrete, wood are strengthened by use of iron rods, which is termed as reinforcement. Time and tide are the iron rods that help to strengthen hope. Hope matures and reinforced as we practice. Mature hope helps to believe in God’s best, no matter what the situation around you is.

With time and tide hope is reinforced


Translucent doors

Human life is all about walking through doors. Most times, the choice of doors matter. Your choices determine where you land up. In adverse situations, we build walls around to confine us. We cry and growl at God or people around to free us. When we do this, we are doubtful and distrust in God. We fail to pick the open door in front of us. More appropriate way of telling is, an available open door is not perceived when in doubt. One should look around with hope in difficult times. Failing which, one would miss on his doorway to success.


Hope ‘The propeller’

Situation are bound to go haywire in life. For an athlete competing in hurdles, inevitable is a tumble. What counts is the technique to tackle this interim failure! The athlete could remain on the ground or get up and continue the race or quit hurdling for life. For this decision to be constructive, hope is essential. Decisions driven by lack of hope are sure to succumb to permanent failure. Hence, temporary defeat is unavoidable while hope energies to drive forward in life. Hope is an essential propeller in distorted situation.



From older times, maps have prohibited travelers from being detoured. Digital maps have now taken over hand drawn maps. Similarly each one of us have goal to reach and a definitive goal in life. Most have mapped their route to their target. However, God might intervene your route and could make amendments. We are anxious over such amendments. But the truth is believe in Him. He will guide you to His best planned target for your life.

“God detours or delayed but never derails”


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