Many times we claim to have surrender to God’s ways, yet clench on to few facets.



Acquire this lifestyle


His promises

God calls us to believe in His best for us. At times, this belief is deterred by the situations around us. Yet, God’s promises help to uphold the trust on Him and advance in His plans for us.Hope.Aide_God'spromises

Bridge to blessings


Attitude determines altitude

Hot air balloons when untied rise high to give a visual feast every on looker. But the same balloon when filled with water or sand can never rise high. Here, the capacity to ascend high is attributed to what fills the ballon. Similarly, what fills our attitude determines the height we reach. When worry fills our mind, all we see in life is difficulties and incapabilities. They will surely cripple what we ought to attain. But when trust on God fills us, we would certainly soar high and glorify God. One should always remember, your thought and confessions determine where one reaches in life. Indeed, attitude determines your altitude. Hope.Aide_Worryweighs

God’s power


God’s kin

All of us who follow God are called His people. God’s kin walk patiently in His ways by pursuing hope each and every day.