Inspiration from great minds

This video contains thoughts of inspiration penned by people who have achieved in life. So each quotes has experience with deep meaning tagged with it.

Watch and be inspired!!!

PS: This video was extracted from the internet since it had unrestricted use. (For which I thank the developers)

Uproot bitterness

Holding vengeance to the point of cruel revenge is sporadic. But fostering the seeds of bitterness is widespread. Most of us do not harm others explicitly for the grudge that we hold for them. Yet the name of that person is tagged with that bitterness. In the sense, the minute you think of that person this bitterness surfaces.

Immediately you start undergoing the pain and hurt associated with that bitterness. When one nurtures these seeds it will flourish to grow into a tree of bitterness with deep roots. Bitterness will fill your heart and you start thinking of it very frequently. As a result you undergo the pain and a interim healing cycle which occurs again and again

Interim healing is likened to incomplete uprooting of this tree of bitterness. One might not see anything above the ground but in due course of time, it would grow from the underlying seeds or roots. While complete healing comprising of uprooting and deseeding of the bitterness. Complete healing leads to forgiveness and spontaneously stops your pain.

“When you uproot bitterness for complete healing your pain is relieved and your hope is renewed”

Strength to forgive

I have read somewhere that, “The first to forgive is the strongest”. Is it true?

Forgiveness comes to light when some evil is done against me. Frantic questions such as: Why did he / she do this to me? Why did God allow this to happen? Would arise. This evil imparted on us keep irritating and nagging us.  Most times we experience anger, hurt and bitterness.

What does it require to forgive someone?

Forgiveness is to stop feeling angry and ward off bitterness. In order to do this one needs to walk an extra mile, to comprehend the situation when this evil was enacted in him / her. Then acknowledge the shortcomings of the evil doer and then feel their incapability to handle such a trying situation. Then accept that this evil was a result of all these issue but not just an intentional decision to incur evil. Only then he / she is ready to forgive.

This might sound easy, but mind you in practical forgiveness is difficult. To have received the evil and then look at the evil doer in this perspective is difficult. Hence it is rightly said that forgiveness requires strength.

“The first to forgive is the strongest”

“The way”

I happened to watch this video recently. Though short it shared a valuable lesson, “Hope is the only way to reach God’s plan for me”

Watch and revitalize your belief on God’s plan for your life.

“Hope is not a strategy, it is the only exit to enter God’s best plan”

PS: This video was extracted from the internet since it had unrestricted use. (For which I thank the developers)

Attitude of a mollusk

Pearl ornaments are much sought after by women. Pearl occur within the shell of mollusks. Their emergence is interesting.

Shelled mollusks in the sea open for feeding or respiration. Accidentally, irritants such as a grain of sand or a parasite gains entry into the shell. These irritants act as potential threat to the tissue within the shell. It is interesting to see the way this mollusk handles the irritant. The mollusk forms a pearl sac to seal off the irritant and deposits different organic materials which later become mother of pearls.

I was fascinated by the attitude of the mollusk to a threat. Probably it was a difficult situation to handle yet it worked to conceal the irritant which turned into something really wonderful.

Imagine if we apply this same thing to our difficult times. When we start getting irritated by an irritant we would delimit our capabilities. When we are instigated by an irritant we could definitely achieve much more. Instead of being irritated by the irritants, one should confine the negative effects of the irritant. Then use that as a stepping stone to success. Choice is yours!  If you choose to be instigated, success is on its way.

“To be irritated or instigated by an irritant is your choice”

Hope.Aide_mollusk attitude

His perfect plan

During a difficult day,my mobile blinked with a message. The message read,

“We can’t control what anyone else does, but we can control what we do. When others disappoint you, pray for them. When they don’t meet your expectations, pray for them. Let God have His perfect way in and through you!”

This message felt as though it was tailored for the reader who was going through a difficult day.The reader was encouraged to forget about what other do or feel but to just concentrate on God’s best and perfect plan for life.

PS: The sender extracted this message from the internet.

God’s speciality

Recently, I happened to watch an episode of “Tom and Jerry”. While I was enjoying the mischief of Jerry, I realised how the sequel was magnified on Tom. Most of us, probably kids of 80’s and 90’s would have deemed this show as their favorite during their childhood. A series of logically untrue, mathematically unproven and biologically implausible would be showered on Tom, yet we would like to watch it.

Why can’t we do the same when we have to believe God? Our God specialises in impossibilities. He could tactfully arrange your life for it’s best. You just have to believe in His ways even though they might look no-win.


My bolster

Have you ever thought in this way? The God who is with us 24×7 is capable of dissipating my enemies. Enemies could be people who seek my fall. When such people trap you in such a difficult situation, don’t ever dismay. Just believe that my God can support me and help me fight through these people. Hope.Aide_Godbolesters

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