Fear forbids freedom

Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by a threat. Fear has trapped most of us. However the threat that induces fear might vary with age, time and place. Fear demarcates boundaries to one’s abilities.

For example consider a school going boy, he might dread to enter his Principal’s / teacher’s cabin. Yet the same boy would feel free to enter his dad’s cabin. What is the difference? In the student-teacher relationship fear is an influencing factor. While in the father-son relationship fear does not come into play. This is the difference that devises the change in assess.

Likewise, when fear controls us we are bound. Fear prohibits freedom of effort. Fear resides in the faithless. So in order to flee fear, build faith.  Only faith on God gives you freedom to put in your best effort and the hope to entrust the result into God’s hands. Complete belief on God’s way will nib away shoots of fear.

“Believe on God and forbid fear to be free”




Chameleon-like attitude

Wikipedia quotes that chameleon’s have the caliber to alter its coloration to different shades of pink, blue, red, orange, green, black, brown, light blue, yellow, turquoise, and purple. This ability helps a chameleon to camouflage in its surrounding so as to escape a predator.

This, ‘chameleon-like attitude’ might sound weird. Read on to learn a lesson from our chameleon friends.

‘Chameleon-like attitude’ is the propensity to twist and turn words and deeds depending on their surroundings. When I used the terms, ‘words and deeds’ you would have picked the trick that I am no more talking about this reptile but about homo sapiens.

No doubt we all have encountered with people who possess this specialized ability. To make it clear, the practice of double-dealing is the ‘chameleon-like attitude’ that I am talking about. In today’s day and age, men with ‘chameleon-like attitude’ are literally omnipresent. Truly speaking, we are challenged to deal with them day in and day out.

I agree dealing with such people is of great difficulty for a person who is struggling to have faith on God in his /her day-to-day activities. To battle against such people and hold our faith we need two thoughts as weapons.

One, be truthful in whatever you are entrusted with and pledge never to practice two facedness.

Two, entrust this chameleon-like person into God’s hands and believe that God will have His way.

Whenever you come across a person of ‘chameleon-like attitude’, use it as an opportunity to remind to be truthful and be hopeful on God’s ways alone.

“Dealing with a person of chameleon-like attitude is indeed strenuous yet never allow it to deter your hope on God”


God mends

Do you want to be a blessing?

If yes, then am sure you will have to undergo God’s mending process. First He spots your brokenness and mends them. He makes you complete before He could use you.

After the mending process, He will use you as His channel of blessing. Endurance through a painful mending promises being employed for His purpose.

“God mends your brokenness before using you as a channel of blessing”


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Holding on…

Trying to hold on to fugacious things is common in life. We feel that such things are necessary while they are actually not. In order to hold on to them we tend to put in all our effort. In spite of all these efforts, those fleeting things move away from us. As a result we are broken and disheartened.

God has promised that he would provide for us at all circumstances. This promises states that he would deliver people, resources and support exactly at the time we require them. God’s provisions promises picture perfect delivery of our necessities. When we totally believe, we would never try to hold to fading things, instead we would hold on to the promise firmly.

“When you hold on to God’s promises instead of fleeting things, You will never be disheartened”



We all have acquired knowledge through books and experience. This knowledge at times block our efforts to believe. When we could predict the proceedings of a situation by our knowledge.

When one prays at this hopeless situation will his / her pray be wholehearted? Does this halfhearted pray elicit trust on God?

To believe in God’s way one should look beyond his wisdom. One should also acknowledge that God’s ways are way above human mind.

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Unchanging God

The world claims that “Change is the only thing unchanged”. We have witnessed changes in transport, communication and technology. All these happen insidiously over a period of time. But there is a change that happens instantaneously. Guess what?

Changes in human attitude, emotion and behavior. People who showered lofty love can suddenly heap hatred. On the contrary, people who despised to listen to you name can shovel tons of fondness. Both these changes are possible and I think you will agree that you have experienced at least one of each kind. Such changes shatter us and make us feel lonely.

Our God has promised a hope for each broken heart. God will tie up your wounds and your scars. We just have to believe that my God is ever unchanging. My God will remain the same no matter what the situations would turn out to be.

“An unchanging trust on MY UNCHANGING GOD will change my misery”


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