Boiled to death

We would have read this science experiment in school. A frog when immersed into a pot of boiling water rapidly jumps out with no delay. But when you keep the same frog in a pot of cold water and start heating it, the frog responds interestingly. The frog alters its body temperature continuously to the point that it loses all its energy. In the end, this frog is incapable to jumping out and hence is boiled to death.

Here the irritant is heat. The frog responds promptly to instantaneous heat while the same heat produced over a period fails to elicit response.

Similarly in life we would escape from sudden and striking distress easily. Since we really perceive it as something which would decapitate our joy of living. While at the same time we would fail to ward off small-scaled trivial worries. These tiny worries as such will not demoralize you, yet an accumulation of them would. It is you decision to wake up and jump out or stay in the hot pot till you die.

“Handle every stress and move on with trust, never get accustomed”



Whom do you trust?

Whom do you trust?

“Trust on men won’t take you far, while trust on God takes you far”

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Ripple effect

Dropping a stone into a still pond, creates ripples that travel through the length and breath of the water body. From the pond’s point of view, ripple is a disturbance that is inflicted on the water surface by a foreign object. These ripples ruin the stillness of the pond.

In life, when faced with untoward incidents, our life is disturbed too. This disturbance is rippled into every aspect of our life. Hence delineating these ripples from traversing forward is essential to have a peaceful life.

“Riffle effect of troubles have to be demarcated from traversing further to maintain serenity of life”

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Worry tarries

Worry distracts and diverts you from believing and trusting in the perfect will of God.

“Worry tarried your journey to believe in the will of God”



Kindness could be a gentle touch, an encouraging pat, few motivating word which rejuvenates a weary soul. Being kind is embarrassing a cold heart with affection and tenderness to provide warmth. Random acts of kindness can revive broken lives. Also never underestimate the potrntial of the smallest act of kindness. Kind acts insignificant in size could surely provide a significant thrust to an idle being.

When we think back, each of us would have experienced this kindness at some point in life. At times, when we are devastated we even look forward to receive kindness. When you give away kindness it comes back to you.

“Sow deeds of kindness when you are prosperous, you may not know when you might need one”


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