God prepares us


Stale hope 

Christ as my boss

Technology has developed to an extend were people can report to their boss across continents. At the same time, people sitting at their own office can do other personal work. Both these extremes are feasible.

Sincerity at work is a criteria that all bosses would expect from their subordinates. Accountability in time and ability is what an employee expects from us. Imagine if Christ were our boss, would you be whiling away your time? Or would do personal work during office hours? 

If Christ were your boss,

Will you be excited if your reporting boss goes on a holiday?

Will you report to work on time rather than giving false reasons for being late?

Will you account for every minute of your office timing?

Will you reach timelines and produce the expected output?

If you answered a ‘yes’ to the above questions it is time for you to contemplate and think about your work life. Let us assess our activities and compare it to the standard that Christ as a boss would expect.

God controls probability

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God given inheritance 

Are you going through difficult time? 

Are you a laughingstock? 

Are you pretending to be fine yet holding a grieved heart?

You may be walking through the deepest valley of your life. Just hold on, your ladder will appear in awhile. 

You might not be able to see a ray of hope instead you are surrounded by dark clouds. Just hold on, your beacon of hope is not far away. 

You might feel that you are pushed to the edge of your life and decide to jump off the cliff. Just hold on, your bridge is right there.

Most of us have undergone such situations in our life. When we are in trouble we need to hold on. The Bible promises God’s favour in such adverse situations and indeed we would be blessed with His noble inheritance.

Little tongue

be careful little mouth what you say
O be careful little mouth what you say

There’s a Father up above

And He’s looking down in love

So, be careful little mouth what you say

This is the lyrics of a song that I was taught at church during my childhood days. I have enjoyed singing this song just for the tune. Recently I understood the depths of meaning of the lyrics. 

Mouth can utter both good and bad. The decision lies with the beholder. The Bible says that the tongue is powerful to bring forth what it is allowed to utter. In can bring forth both life and death, goood and bad, blessing and curse. But the decision lies with us. 

Be careful and use your words wisely.

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