We may face varied situations in life. They can be good or bad or evil or miserable or adverse. We have a God who prevails above all these situations. He has a perfect will planned for us. Although we know about God’s will, these situations can deter our belief on pthis will of God. So we should take a stand to believe on God’s will in any situation. 

Let us take a decision, “Whatsoever believe in God’s will”.

Depend only on God

God never uses an elevator to plant on the roof top of a skyscraper. If God’s will for you is to scale the rooftop, He would have different ways. You might have to walk through stairs or climb using a rope or crawl like a lizard or sometimes use an elevator. His ways could be easy ones, tiring ones or even challenging ones. God expects us to go through all these. During difficult stages such as climbing a rope, discontentment could slowly creep in. What is discontentment? Discontentment is the feeling of frustration associated with displease of one’s situation in life. Today you might have to climb a rope in order to attain God’s plan for you in the coming days. Discontentment could grow due to impatience to wait for God’s plan for your life. Hope on God with contentment in each effort guides you towards God’s best plan in His perfect time.

All things work for good

In Romans 8:28 we read that,

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose”

This is a very common verse used by Christians. I have personally used this verse countless times in my life during good tidings. When a good thing happens we relate to this verse as a fulfilled promise. We say see God has established this verse in my life by doing this good thing for me. On the contrary, when we wait for a good thing we relate to this verse as a promise to claim. We say Lord you have promised that you would do good to those who love you. So we pray that this good thing will happen. We use this verse to acknowledge a fulfilled promise and to claim the promise when it is tagged to a good happening.

How do we use this verse when the situation in unfavorable or during a bad happening or while undergoing pain?

I have not done this personally until very recently when God unfolded this lesson before me. The two misconceptions I had and their actual meaning are given below.

  1. God helped me to recognize the presence of the phrase ‘in all things God works’ in this verse. All things literally include everything that happens in my life. Here we acclaim the fact that controls the situations and happenings in my life. All things obviously would include the good, the bad, the favorable, the unfavorable, the joy, the pain, the uphill and the downhill.
  2. The next phrase is ‘for the good of those who love him’. The good that the Bible mentions here is not the fleeting temporal good that we yearn for in this worldly life. Instead, the good is the eternal and immortal good that God has prepared for us.

God’s good

God works through all things to make us look good in the eternal life. Like a sculptorp who uses his chisel to chip off each piece to stone to uncover the final statue, God use each of the situations to shape us to our future good. The prototype of the word ‘God’s good’ can be related to the fruit of the Spirit mentioned in Galatians 5: 23 (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control). All the situations that we undergo are worked by God for his eternal purpose. A few sample situations and their potential effect on us are given below.

  • A downhill defeat would instill patience in us.
  • An uphill victory would teach self-control.
  • An annoying person would tutor gentleness in us.
  • The good tidings implant goodness and joy.
  • Bad situation pave the way to practice peace.
  • The pain that we endure teaches us to forgive and forbear.
  • Unfavorable situations kindle our faith.
  • Being hurt might embed love and kindness in us.

God is interested to design us according to His eternal purpose. God uses situations to fashion us according to His good. So when we undergo any situation let us acknowledge the fact that God has allowed this situation on us.  Also that God is using this situation to sculpt us. This understanding will help us traverse through all situations acknowledging God’s supremacy and marching towards God’s good.

Standard of living

In this world, we all live through some standard. The standard that drives you will influence the outcomes. So we need to be very careful about the standards that we follow. The Bible shows two kinds of standards – one is spiritual nature and the other is sinful nature. In Romans chapter eight, we read about the qualities and outcomes of these two standards.

Sinful nature

The qualities of sinful nature are discussed below:

  • Those who live according to the sinful nature fix their minds on living according to nature’s desires. Their emotions are expressed in a natural ways. (Romans 8:5)
  • The mind of sinful man is death. (Romans 8:6)
  • The sinful mind is hostile to God. It does not submit to law nor can it do so. (Romans 8:7)
  • The people controllable sinful nature cannot please God. (Romans 8:8)

If we have any of the following criterias we ate termed to live by sinful standards. So let us search us and examine our ways. Let us pray to God to show us the areas where we need to be reshaped.

Spirit led life

Here are few steps we can follow to live a life through the Spirit.

  • Spirit led life is living according to the Spirit’s desire. This means that all our actions and responses have to be in line with what the Spirit desires. For example, where we are faces with a situation threat makes us lose our temper, the Spirit led life will redirect the response and prevent getting angry.

A Spirit led person will amend his actions, words and retaliation according to Spirit’s desire

  • The mind of Spirit led person is of life and peace. The minds is stress free and without confusion. Any untoward situation around you will not deter your peace and the fullness of life.

A Spirit led person would hold a clear head even amidst chaos.

  • A Spirit led person always submits to the law. Be it as small as obeying the traffic lights in a deserted road.

The person led by the Spirit shows implicit obedience to the law of God

  • A Spirit led person should always seek to please God and do what was right in God’s eyes. In 1 King’s 14:8, we read that David did what was good in God’s eyes. So try to please God in all your ways.

A person led by the Spirit will please God in all their ways.



Prayer: Dear God show me the areas where I live by sinful nature. Help me to identify my shortcomings and confess them. Give me the strength to mend my attitude to live by the Spirit. Grant me to grace that I will imbibe all the qualities of the Spirit led life in the near future. Lord help me to rise my standard of living to meet your spiritual standards. Help me be a blessing. Amen

Dissolve as salt

Salt has been used as a metaphor to Christian life. Jesus in His mountain preaching used SALT and LIGHT as figures of speech. I am sure you might have seen, heard and read much on Christians being the salt of the world. Here I wish to highlight only one character of salt which helps it to be used in all ways, i.e. dissoluability. Salt dissolves in anything and everything. This ability to dissolve is essential for the uses of salt such as preservation, flavoring, purification, improving texture, and fermentation.

For salt to play all these roles it has to dissolve. In day to day cooking we add salt to water, water, pickle, dough, meat, etc. Salt dissolves in all these. Imagine one day salt decides to give up its dissolubility, all these uses of salt will simply not be possible. Since you have Christ in yourself, you are the salt of this world, Christians are expected to have the ability to dissolve like salt. You might wonder what this is dissolubility is? One should give up one’s self, lose form and take up God given form to be used by Him.

God can use you as a preservative agent to preserve the society from a moral decay. God can use you to flavor and season you church or fellowship. God can use you to purify your friends too. God can use you to warn wrongs, like salt strings a cut wound. God can use you to transform your family like salts fermentation activity. All these ways to be used by God is achievable only when you dissolve and allow God to work through you. Working of God through you will surely be a blessing to others. It will be a blessing for you to play a part in God’s big picture.

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