Dissolve as salt

Salt has been used as a metaphor to Christian life. Jesus in His mountain preaching used SALT and LIGHT as figures of speech. I am sure you might have seen, heard and read much on Christians being the salt of the world. Here I wish to highlight only one character of salt which helps it to be used in all ways, i.e. dissoluability. Salt dissolves in anything and everything. This ability to dissolve is essential for the uses of salt such as preservation, flavoring, purification, improving texture, and fermentation.

For salt to play all these roles it has to dissolve. In day to day cooking we add salt to water, water, pickle, dough, meat, etc. Salt dissolves in all these. Imagine one day salt decides to give up its dissolubility, all these uses of salt will simply not be possible. Since you have Christ in yourself, you are the salt of this world, Christians are expected to have the ability to dissolve like salt. You might wonder what this is dissolubility is? One should give up one’s self, lose form and take up God given form to be used by Him.

God can use you as a preservative agent to preserve the society from a moral decay. God can use you to flavor and season you church or fellowship. God can use you to purify your friends too. God can use you to warn wrongs, like salt strings a cut wound. God can use you to transform your family like salts fermentation activity. All these ways to be used by God is achievable only when you dissolve and allow God to work through you. Working of God through you will surely be a blessing to others. It will be a blessing for you to play a part in God’s big picture.


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