Wear love

The best of love dares to lay down his own life for the one he loves. My Savior died on the cross to express His love for me. The greatest gift offered to mankind is love. Jesus can be the only best example for love. Love is not a degree you attain; love is a verb. Love has to be an everyday experience like your dressing. We love to dress in a variety of colors and even in brand new ones. Most of us stand in front of the mirror to preen ourselves. We adjust according to the flaws we see in the mirror. We beautify ourselves by spending time and money. We trim our hair to style. We want us look superior than yesterday. Girls try all possible ways to improve one’s appearance better each day.

Love has to be groomed each day like dressing. Your love has to be made colorful each day. One has to make efforts to find opportunities to express love to fellow being. Love is essential for a Christian. We will come across people whom will need your love. Hence, your love has to be renewed and revived each minute.

​Our love level can vary each day. Our love has to be renewed each day to express colors. Like dressing by looking at the mirror, love has to be analyzed. Each Christian has to gauge his / her love according to the love of Christ. Showing love could be any simple act. Help a blind man cross the road, fill bank form for an old woman, share a meal, giving away clothes, lending your ear to a weary soul or consoling a confused friend are acts of love. Each Christian has to wear love all day and renew it every morning. Christians have to be refilled by the love we experience from Christ. We should we cautious that our love level doesn’t drop.


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