Standard of living

In this world, we all live through some standard. The standard that drives you will influence the outcomes. So we need to be very careful about the standards that we follow. The Bible shows two kinds of standards – one is spiritual nature and the other is sinful nature. In Romans chapter eight, we read about the qualities and outcomes of these two standards.

Sinful nature

The qualities of sinful nature are discussed below:

  • Those who live according to the sinful nature fix their minds on living according to nature’s desires. Their emotions are expressed in a natural ways. (Romans 8:5)
  • The mind of sinful man is death. (Romans 8:6)
  • The sinful mind is hostile to God. It does not submit to law nor can it do so. (Romans 8:7)
  • The people controllable sinful nature cannot please God. (Romans 8:8)

If we have any of the following criterias we ate termed to live by sinful standards. So let us search us and examine our ways. Let us pray to God to show us the areas where we need to be reshaped.

Spirit led life

Here are few steps we can follow to live a life through the Spirit.

  • Spirit led life is living according to the Spirit’s desire. This means that all our actions and responses have to be in line with what the Spirit desires. For example, where we are faces with a situation threat makes us lose our temper, the Spirit led life will redirect the response and prevent getting angry.

A Spirit led person will amend his actions, words and retaliation according to Spirit’s desire

  • The mind of Spirit led person is of life and peace. The minds is stress free and without confusion. Any untoward situation around you will not deter your peace and the fullness of life.

A Spirit led person would hold a clear head even amidst chaos.

  • A Spirit led person always submits to the law. Be it as small as obeying the traffic lights in a deserted road.

The person led by the Spirit shows implicit obedience to the law of God

  • A Spirit led person should always seek to please God and do what was right in God’s eyes. In 1 King’s 14:8, we read that David did what was good in God’s eyes. So try to please God in all your ways.

A person led by the Spirit will please God in all their ways.



Prayer: Dear God show me the areas where I live by sinful nature. Help me to identify my shortcomings and confess them. Give me the strength to mend my attitude to live by the Spirit. Grant me to grace that I will imbibe all the qualities of the Spirit led life in the near future. Lord help me to rise my standard of living to meet your spiritual standards. Help me be a blessing. Amen


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