Depend only on God

God never uses an elevator to plant on the roof top of a skyscraper. If God’s will for you is to scale the rooftop, He would have different ways. You might have to walk through stairs or climb using a rope or crawl like a lizard or sometimes use an elevator. His ways could be easy ones, tiring ones or even challenging ones. God expects us to go through all these. During difficult stages such as climbing a rope, discontentment could slowly creep in. What is discontentment? Discontentment is the feeling of frustration associated with displease of one’s situation in life. Today you might have to climb a rope in order to attain God’s plan for you in the coming days. Discontentment could grow due to impatience to wait for God’s plan for your life. Hope on God with contentment in each effort guides you towards God’s best plan in His perfect time.


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