God’s favor evident

The favor of God can change your misery into joy and praises. His favor can take you from brokenness to a blessedness. What will be the result of God’ favor upon you? Below we will discuss, the evidence of God’s favor upon you. The Lord who loves justice, hates robbery and wrongdoing is faithful to reward His people. In Isaiah 61:3 we read that God will plant you as oaks of righteousness in order to display his splendor. (vs 3)

For you: The favor of God upon you will become evident to you when you receive the everlasting covenant from God. The everlasting covenant includes the ability to move from misery to joy. (vs 8) With God’s favor you will be able to move from tears to a life fulled with joy and praises. God’s favor will be able to rebuild, restore and renew your ruins to a remarkable life. This is an evidence that God’s favor is upon you.

For generations: The favor of God will escalate your descendants beyond other nations. The children of people with God’s favor will be bestowed with fame among people. When these people put in their effort, then God’s favor will work along to give a synergistic effect and excel beyond nations. All those people who see the descendants of people with God’s favor will acknowledge the fact that God’s blessings is upon them. (vs 9)

When God’s favor is truly upon you, then you will enjoy the everlasting covenant, your offspring will experience the blessings and the people around you will be an evidence to the same. God’s favor will establish His everlasting covenant to be evident in your life and your descendant’s life which will be acknowledged by the people around.


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