Birth of Hope.Aide

My husband and I were going through a very difficult phase in life. As a couple, we were waiting for God’s miracle to unfold in the form of a baby. We were bombarded with questions by the so called well-wishers of the society. We were still groping over a miscarriage that had happened. All these developed a cloud of doubt around me. I shunned social gathering, phone calls and conversations that I feel might exaggerate this doubt cloud.

Amidst this grey clouds God had placed a silver lining for us. I would miserably fail if I forget to mention about this silver lining. Among these doubt filled lips,

“God had kept lips that offered silent prayers for us,

There were few ever-loving hearts that lifted us out of depression,

There were few others who walked an extra mile to encourage us,

Totally, God the master weaver had knitted people into our life to help us hang on as we traversed through a dark tunnel”

God was sustaining us by giving words comfort from His word. I used to write short thoughts and post them on social media. The following is a narration about the birth of Hope.Aide blog.

Encouragement is like provision of performance stimulating drug to an athlete. This athlete who is well-trained, gains extra efficiency to achieve. Probably, the stimulant gave the cutting edge performance of the athlete. Similarly in life, most people with talent, time and treasure fail to excel. Fear, doubt, apprehension related to failure could be the major reason. Few words of encouragement is sufficient to elate their spirit. As a consequence, they are sure to achieve. This achievement could be simple day-to-day tasks to real grand triumphs in life. Hence, encouragement is a productive euphoric intoxication to perform.

Encouragement is a spiritual gift, so use your resources to encourage people’ was the intonation of a young girl named Persis. She was a born-again Christian who was a medical social worker by profession. She being fervent in her love for God, realized that God had given her this spiritual gift of encouragement. In the year 2012, she started a page ‘Be encouraged’ on social media. She meticulously and prayerfully choose quotes that would encourage people. Using her proficient computer skills she designed them flamboyantly and disseminated them through the page. People were encouraged. Persis also engaged in personal motivation and encouragement as she had training in counselling too.

One day she noticed me writing short sentences on my timeline. Persis took the extra effort to talk to me and appreciate the God-given talent. Persis encouraged me to write. Persis also insisted that ‘Be encouraged’ would be glad to share my writings. I was initially reluctant, but later prayed and decided to write. Persis further encouraged and persuaded me to write consistently. I required that euphoric stimulant which was provided by my fiend Persis.

I had the talent to write, yet was unaware of an option to use it for God. As promised, Persis provided a platform for my writings to reach people in need. Our motto was to ‘Glorify God alone in all our works’. We continued to hold on to this motto and work candidly for God. God has blessed the efforts. Persis is now managing a Multi Author Blog for the encouragement of others. I continue to write to build hope in the lives of the people drooping in the dark.

God’s waiting period

The birth of Hope.Aide was not in my agenda but in was on God’s mind and agenda. God’s plan was accomplished. The first blog that i wrote was published on 15th August 2015. About a couple of years after this, we received the miracle that we were praying for. (PS: We have received our ‘Gift from God’ on 1st August 2016). I realized that,

‘God’s waiting period has a different agenda’

From the lessons and thoughts I received during my hopeless situation, I was able to write blogs for Hope.Aide. I was able to share the hope that I received for my hopelessness. All glory to God alone.

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