God’s speciality

Recently, I happened to watch an episode of “Tom and Jerry”. While I was enjoying the mischief of Jerry, I realised how the sequel was magnified on Tom. Most of us, probably kids of 80’s and 90’s would have deemed this show as their favorite during their childhood. A series of logically untrue, mathematically unproven and biologically implausible would be showered on Tom, yet we would like to watch it.

Why can’t we do the same when we have to believe God? Our God specialises in impossibilities. He could tactfully arrange your life for it’s best. You just have to believe in His ways even though they might look no-win.



Worry confines

 Worry is pondering over an issue with a negative instinct. Worry about facing a failure could propel your efforts tremendously or dispel the hope in the situation. Too much worry will restrict your capabilities.

Have you ever seen an insect entangled in a cobweb? It can never escape from becoming a prey to the spider. Similarly, worry would entangle our efforts in the web of failure and we would fail extremely. Hence, to achieve in life one has to shun worry and move on.



In the past, shipwrecks and recently air crashes have exiled survivors into lone islands where survivors are physically isolated from other people and lack communication. This modern day and age have conceived a newer concept called, ‘psychological isolation’. We claim to socialize more, communicate more and spend more time, money on friends. Conversely, mental crashes and emotional wrecks have extradited people to islands of psychological loneliness.

Loneliness is certain in this fast and furious world. People living in our houses with their families could drift into mentally secluded islands of their own. Each of us has experienced such phases of isolation and loneliness in our lives.

Technology paved connections. Advancements have connected places, people, and things.  However, not all linkages are surmountable by technology. The summit of technological advancements is crippled at clearing such loneliness.

Only the love of God can heal and ward off loneliness. In case you are looking at other ways that would help you overcome isolation, I would warn you. All other means to clear isolation will be temporary and are deemed to fail at some point. The love of God which is available 24×7 in our lives is the only medicine to loneliness and isolation.