Next level

Things might move at a slower pace than anticipated. Most times we regret over such unexpected happenings. God allows most situations in our life to shape us. He uses them to train us to perfection. This is like your game rules, wherein you have to collect some thousand points to qualify for the next level. When life is stagnant, just look around for your pending training and attempt it. God opens the next level in life when you are perfect.


“God trains to perfection”

Halted! Again?

When the vehicle of our life halts, most of us panic. Grey days are possible in everyone’s life. Days in which you have done your task yet waiting for others to respond or reply or work could be taxing. Most times we don’t realize that these situations are God’s halts to prevent a collision. God know what lies ahead of you. He allows your movement accordingly.

Believe in Him.

“When God halts, don’t panic it could be a cliff”

Don’t panic when God halts

“Worry” – a glue

Worry is being anxious about one’s problem. Not necessary these problems are real; worry could be tagged with potential problems too. Worry eats up on our time for efficient working and robs the proficiency of one’s task; hence bound to lose. Lets us avert worry and look forward with the hope that God holds my future.

“Worry is the glue that sticks you to defeat”

6. worryglue


Are you going through difficult situations? Trying circumstances of life could act as a trap to incapacitate you and thereby suffocate.  Amidst these situations, there is a safe trap called, “Trust on God”. When you trust on God, you have all you need. In your tough times, get entrapped into this safe trap and enjoy God’s ways.

“When trust on God entraps me, I have all I need”