The strongest of women

“Survival of the fittest” once the norm in the animal kingdom has now encroached the modern world. The one who gives a tough fight and wades over all odds will survive till the end. Woman is generally considered the weakest of gender. But woman who have tided over untoward situation to prove themselves in life have depicted that strength does not relate to muscular power alone. Strength does include emotional power to be able to change unfavorable situations into favorable ones.

In Proverbs 31:28 we read that women should clothe themselves in strength and dignity. Where does this strength come from? Prayer is the most powerful weapon one can ever invent. Prayer can revive a dying being. Prayer can traverse through a heart of stone to bring life. Prayer can protect you in a tough situation. Prayer can guide you, when lost. In total, prayer gives you the strength to face life’s situations. So a woman on her knees is the strongest force. A praying woman can move God to command an army of angels to protect her. A praying woman can move God’s heart to change the misery of their life. Hannah asked God to change her tears into praises. Goa answered Hannah’s prayer and changed her situation of mockery. Deborah, a praying woman led the army to receive the God-given victory. Though prayer we women can clothe ourselves with the strength and dignity that we need to face life.

As Christian women, let us pray to God that he may provide the required strength for our life. On this Women’s Day, let us pray for other woman to be clothed in strength to face their life. We read in the Bible that when Job prayed for his friends, God changes his imprisonment. So, pray and be clothed in strength.


Beauty tips for eternity

Your inward beauty on this earth determines your eternity. I Peter 3:3, we read that woman should adorn themselves with inward beautification. Below I have enlisted the ornaments to adorn each part of your body.

Mind: Logical thinking arises from the mind and is the requirement for earthly living. Trust on God is the beauty of mind.(Jeremiah 17:7) Absolute trust on God without trust on men despite of logical understanding is the best ornament for the mind of a woman.

Heart: Cheer of the heart is a good medicine. A woman with good cheer is the most beautiful. (Proverbs 17:22)

Face: A cheerful face comes from happiness. A happy and cheerful face is beautiful. (Proverbs 15:13) Happiness is the premier face make up for a woman.

Lips: Lips that speak pleasant words are like honeycomb. (Proverbs 16:24) Lips that give a gentle answer can turn away wrath.(Proverbs 15:1) A tongue that speaks word of healing is like a tree of life. (Proverbs 15:4) So women, the beauty tip for your lips is gentle and pleasant words. Pleasant words is the best beauty product for lip makeup.

Hands: Women work hard with her hands to provide for her family. She cooks, spins, manages and provides. (Proverbs 31:19-20) Swift hands are graceful and elegant.

Eyes: Active women can manage a lot of things instead of complaining about lack of time. (Proverbs 31:15) Eyes that wake up early are the most beautiful. Waking up early is the best ever eye make up one can wear.

Dress: Women who dress themselves with strength and dignity look beautiful. (Proverbs 31:28)

These beauty tips will help Christian women to adorn themselves and highlight their inner beauty. These tips don’t require any money or time but just the commitment to look beautiful within. Using these one can be picture perfect on God’s judgment camera. When you follow these tips on a routine basis you are ever ready for an eternity with God.

Women of worth in Christ

With the entire peep around the concept of celebrating womanhood, I was trying to contemplate the Biblical prototype of women. What kind of women will stand worthy before God’s judgment? This was the question within me. Here this blog addresses the response to this question from I Peter 3:1-6. This passage illustrates the role of women as a wife who is worth in Christ.

Submit to your husband: Submission to God is basis essential of a Christian life. In Ephesians 5:22 we read that a similar submission is required in the context of a husband-wife relationship. Another comparison made is the submission of church to Christ. (Ephesians 5:24) As women, one is called to submit to one’s husband in everything. Sarah submitted to her husband by calling him Lord.(I Peter 3:6)

Win your husband: Your pure and respectful conduct will win his heart. According to the Bible, being virtuous with chastity is the only way to a man heart.

Adorn yourself: People think rich clothes; fair skin and expensive jewels make one look beautiful. According to the Bible, adornment of inner self with a quiet and a gentle spirit is most important.

Beautify yourself: A women with an unshakable hope on God is the most beautiful. This is how women in the past have beautified themselves.

The Biblical prototype of a Christian wife is, perfect submission, pure and respectful behavior, gentle and quiet spirit, unshakable hope in Christ. In this age of information technology and advancement in beauty treatment are misleading and drifting away from the Christian prototype. So we are called to analyze our life and align ourselves according to the proven standards. Let us time some time to look within and empower the women within to submit to our husband as we submit to Christ. Let us display a unblemished conduct in our life. Let us clothe ourselves with gentleness and hope on God alone. When we follow this prototype we are sure to be called “Women of worth in Christ” and then we can celebrate womanhood for eternity.

How to pray continually?

Prayer is the shortest link between your heart and God’s hands. Through prayer we express the desires of our heart to God. God will work things according to His eternal will. But, pray continually is the commandment mentioned in I Thessalonians 5:17.

When God answers each of our pray points instantly then we will be encourage to pray continually. But we know that there are three possible answers to any prayer: yes, no and wait. All our prayers will not be answered immediately. In this juncture, how do we pray continually? Here is what I learnt in this aspect.

To pray continually one has to be organized and systematic. Documenting your prayer points is the best way to organize your prayer. One can use a prayer journal or a digital prayer log to document their prayer points. You can jot down the prayer points as and when you are prompted by the Holy Spirit. If you are planning to use a journal, choose one that is handy and can be carried anywhere. Such efforts will bring reminders of prayer points during your other chores. Then you can immediately offer a prayer whisper to God. Prayer whispers don’t require you to kneel, bow down and close your eyes to pray but will arise from a sincere heart. Prayer whispers carry the prayer points from your longing heart to move the heart of God. This entire process can become systematic, when you automatically offer prayer whispers as an when you are reminded of prayer points. Prayer whispers are the best way to pray continually though the day.

As Christians, you may pray for a whole list of people yourself, your family, your friends, you church, you country and the world. In that case your can have categories for you prayer points. Also another suggestion is that you include the date that you have raised each prayer point and also mention the date that God answered them. The list of answered prayers will lift you up when you get weary looking at the no’s and wait’s. During such trying times pray this small prayer whispers, “Lord help me to pray continually” By this God will give you the strength to continually offer prayer whispers to God and stay connected to His treasury of blessings.

Praying according to God’s will

For the past few days, I was prompted to pray about an issue in my life. I was reluctant to oblige as I was not sure if the prompt was from God. So I asked God to reveled the origin of that prompt. Here is the Bible passage for the same: Romans 8:26-27. After this I prayed for that issue and got the answer too. Read on to know more.

God who knows our past, present and future can judge which is best for our life. But we humans lack foresight which is our weakness. We never know what we actually need rather ask for whatever we feel like. The best comparison for this would be shopping. When we shop at a super market without a shopping list I bet you would walk out of the store with a whole lot of stuff. Most of this stuff would be things that you though you would need sometime for some work. Only when you reach home you would realise that you have forgotten to buy sugar, salt, spices and oil which are the necessary commodities. Similarly when we pray we ask for unnecessary things. You might ask for a luxury car because your friend bought one. You might ask for a diamond neckpiece because your cousin bought one. You would ask for an international holiday because your friend recently posted pictures of her recent vacation. In the end we miss out on asking necessary things such as a living according to the will of God. In a previous blog, we have read about asking God to give you exactly what you need. (Proverbs 30:8) You are not bothered about asking the right thing because you have asked God to do the shopping on your behalf and you would just receive the shopping bag from Him. This prayer is for infants who can get away by saying God to just give them what they need and God gives.

This blog will teach you the next step. The Holy Spirit was sent to strengthen us in our weakness. (Roman 8:26) Our weakness is the lack of foresight. Here our infirmity is that we don’t know what to pray for or ask for. So the Holy Spirit prompts the points that we need to pray for. The Holy Spirit highlights our need and prompts us to pray for them. When we agree to pray this prayer we will be praying according to the will of God. (Roman 8:27)

As Christians, we should keep out prayer life intact for be fortified against the enemy. When we don’t know what to pray for, then we can pray to God to give you exactly what you need. When the Holy Spirit identified our needs and prompts us to pray for an issue then we should pray about it fervently. Holy Spirit will point out our needs and the needs of others. When we make it a habit to pray we will be prompted on a regular basis. When we offer such prayers prompted by the Holy Spirit you will surely be praying according to God’s will

Sowing discord

The literal meaning of discord is disagreement between two people. When two people converse they may differ in their views and hence end up in a disagreement which is common. The origin of this disagreement lies between these two people and this blog does not talk about this discord. Instead it refers to the discord instilled by a third party. When an external agent is involved in propagating this discord they are engaging in the act of sowing discord. In this blog we will read about the qualities of a person that sows discord sow, their fate and their relationship with God.


We should know the qualities of a person that sows discord to identify such people on our life and abstain from them. In Proverbs 6: 12-14, we read about the aulities of a person who sows discord.

  • Perverse mouth: Words are a fall out of your thoughts and intensions. Inappropriate and crooked words come out from a perverse mouth because their heart is the same.
  • Eyes that wink: A wink is a facial expression used as an informal mode of non-verbal communication. Winking is usually signaling shared hidden knowledge or intent.
  • Feet that shuffle: Shuffling of feet is to move your feet slightly as an expression of boredom or embarrassment.
  • Fingers that point: Fingers are used to point out things and used as a mode of non-verbal communication.
  • Froward heart: All the above mentioned qualities are modes of communication. Except for the first, the rest are mode of non-verbal communication which is considered informal. All these are a spill out of the thoughts that arise in one’s mind and heart. These people plan evil continuously.


Calamity will come upon the people who sow discord in a moment and they would be broken beyond healing. (Proverbs 6:15) The Lord hates such people who sow discord. (Proverbs 6:19)

As Christians we need to do two things:

  1. We read the fate of those who sow discord; we should understand that we are incapable of wrestling against God. We can never stand against God when He hates us. We can never withstand a single blow of calamity from God. The worst part is there is no healing for such a calamity. Hence let us save our soul and refraing from indulging in sowing discord among couples, siblings, family, friends and fellowship. We have a special mention about sowing discord among married couples. God commands that no man can separate the one flesh convent made in the presence of God. (Matthew 19:6 & Mark 10:9)
  2. We read the qualities of those who sow discord; when we come across people with these gestures we need to be vigilant. We need to analyze their intentions and notions. In this way we can stay save our relationships from falling a prey to discord.

“Help me overcome my unbelief!”

These words were spoken by the father who was pushed to the edge by his son’s condition. In Mark 9: 14-29 we read about the son who was deaf and dumb by an impure spirit. The father claims this condition prevailed since his birth and also explained that atrocities that he has undergone. The father requested Jesus to offer any kind of help. Read the above mentioned passage for a detailed background. This is the scenario and do we learn from this.

To start with, the father had faith to bring him to Jesus and his disciples. We read here that this is his second attempt for his son’s healing. First he had brought his son to the disciples who couldn’t help him. Second, he brought his son to Jesus. This efforts of the father show the faith that he had on Jesus to heal his son. But he uttered this statement when his faith was confronted.

We might have come across such situations in life. We hold on to faith when we start but through the journey we could lose faith. When we are pushed to the edge our faith can dwindle. The father was in a similar situation. His journey to find healing for his son had taken his faith for a ride. He was in the verge of breaking down. But he used the last opportunity to hold on the Jesus to supply the faith that he required. We should learn this from this father.

As human beings it is common that our faith diminishes as we wait for long awaited blessing. (Proverbs 13:12) We need to make an attempt to hold our faith in shape through the process till the point when we receive the promised blessing. If we feel that our faith might fall apart then we need to pray this prayer, ‘Help me overcome my unbelief!’ God is sure to fill us with faith to look beyond the current situation. Faith gives u the assurance of things that we hope for and the conviction of unseen things. (Hebrews 11:1) So, remember to pray this single line prayer to save your faith and look towards the promised blessing. Pray this small prayer and hold on to your faith to receive the assured blessings.

God’s favor evident

The favor of God can change your misery into joy and praises. His favor can take you from brokenness to a blessedness. What will be the result of God’ favor upon you? Below we will discuss, the evidence of God’s favor upon you. The Lord who loves justice, hates robbery and wrongdoing is faithful to reward His people. In Isaiah 61:3 we read that God will plant you as oaks of righteousness in order to display his splendor. (vs 3)

For you: The favor of God upon you will become evident to you when you receive the everlasting covenant from God. The everlasting covenant includes the ability to move from misery to joy. (vs 8) With God’s favor you will be able to move from tears to a life fulled with joy and praises. God’s favor will be able to rebuild, restore and renew your ruins to a remarkable life. This is an evidence that God’s favor is upon you.

For generations: The favor of God will escalate your descendants beyond other nations. The children of people with God’s favor will be bestowed with fame among people. When these people put in their effort, then God’s favor will work along to give a synergistic effect and excel beyond nations. All those people who see the descendants of people with God’s favor will acknowledge the fact that God’s blessings is upon them. (vs 9)

When God’s favor is truly upon you, then you will enjoy the everlasting covenant, your offspring will experience the blessings and the people around you will be an evidence to the same. God’s favor will establish His everlasting covenant to be evident in your life and your descendant’s life which will be acknowledged by the people around.

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