Pests are insects or animals that cause destruction to crops, food and livestock. Pest attack on crops would result in serious economic loss. Cropping would involve extensive, back breaking and tiring labor. Cropping would use up other resources such as water, manure, seeds; the farmer would have to shell out money in order to provide these at the right time. This much of effort and hard work can go down the drain within a matter of hours of pest attack. Crops that were grown over a period of time can be destroyed overnight. Pests can be of different types based on the destruction that they cause. Pests are specific; few attack the fruits alone, few the buds/flowers, few the leaves and few the stack/stem. Pests with specific target for destruction will result in effects of different forms. Similarly, destruction on human life can be at different levels. Our God the Heavenly Father promises to restore you life be it in any level of destruction. We read in Joel 2:25 as,

And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.’

God promises to restore the time, labor and money invested in the cropping for that year of destruction. Similarly God promises restoration every aspect of your life. If we look closely into the pests mentioned in the above list we would be able to relate it with our lives.

Restoration of destruction in the present: Locusts are crawling insects that swarms and destroy huge amount of the crops. The destruction caused by locust could be related to an immediate and strong situation that would affect a huge aspect of our life. Such destruction would affect the present situation of our human life. Locust-like destruction can cripple the normalcy of our life causing a total damage and bring our lives to a stand still.

Restoration of destruction in the reward: Cankerworms are insects that affect the fruits that are just ripening. Fruits could be an end point which the farmer would expect to convert his effort money.  Destruction of fruits can be compared to the jobs that we have put our full effort into and just at the time of remittance it gets annulled. The destruction occurred at the time when you were about to eat the fruit of your hard work.

Restoration of destruction in the new beginnings: Caterpillars and palmerworms feed on the buds of the plants, thus delimiting proliferation. Bud is the first stage for fruit, worms nip the buds. These worms terminate the growth even before the bud opens. Similarly me might face situation in life where we see an end card before we could even start. Never lose hope. The destruction of new beginnings will have a huge troll on your life, despite which God is in control to restore the lose incurred.

Missing the mark

All of us would have played this dart game with concentric circle on a board and you use a dart to strike on the board. The one who strikes on the innermost ring wins. Likewise, we have a dart board in each of our lives. Christ has given us tasks that we need to accomplish to attain the heavenly purpose that he has set assigned for us. In our daily lives we need to aim at the dart and project each of our activities by aiming the innermost circle.

Not always we reach the target. In our Christian life we may wander and go astray. We might not deliberately sin but we may move away from God’s presence. We may go astray like a sheep. We run our live without reading the Bible or praying. We may swap our quite time with other worldly tasks or a little more of sleep. We may displace the importance given to Bible to some other gadgets. The music on your playlist can override your individual worship time. This is possible in the life of a Christian of this age. To be frank I have been a prey to may of these things. What to we do then? We should understand that, ‘Missing the mark’ is sin by itself if not will definitely lead to sin.

Missing the mark is nothing but losing focus on your purpose and living inappropriately. David is the most appropriate example for missing the mark, we can read this in II Samuel 11. The very first verse mentioned the David was in the wrong place. David lost focus of his purpose as a king and was in Jerusalem. He should have been in the war front but he was in the city. David lost his focus as a king. This made him missing the mark by falling a prey to the temptation. David lost focus and missed the mark to sin against God.

We need to guard ourselves from losing our focus from God’s eternal purpose for us. We read in Hebrews 10:23 as, ‘Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering’. The word wavering in this verse relates to losing focus and missing the mark. We as Christians are called to hold on to the faith the we possess in Christ Jesus and act in accordance to God’s purpose for us. Since missing the mark is sin let us not waver in our faith. So we should align our daily routines in order to be careful that we may not miss the mark. I have jotted down few tips for the same.

  • Allocate appropriate time for your quite time with God
  • Read the Word before checking your fastback post
  • Update your prayer status before updating your Whatsapp status
  • Sing to praise God before listening to your favorite music list
  • Listen to what God has to say before turning on the radio
  • Align your ways with God’s will
  • Live mindful of God’s purposep

Hope sunglasses

Purview is the influence of something on a decision or a way of living. While perception is the way in which things are understood or interpreted. Purview influences perception, for those who don’t agree here is an example. When one wears sunglasses of different colors such as blue, black, grey or green he visualizes a color tinted sight. Actually your surrounding could be multi-color but you might view them as different shades of your tinted lens. Similarly in life, when we purview a hopeless situation wearing ‘Hope sunglasses’ our perception is transposed.


Worry is an actual or potential problem that annoys a person. Worrying disturbs your peace of mind and hence the person feels anxious or troubled. 

Worrying powerless and powerful:

Worry has contradicting potentials. Worry can not add even a single hour to the day, or change a measure. (Matthew 6:26-27) Worrying can never change anything in your life, hence worry is powerful. Worry can detach you from the peace that you received from God and make you feel anxious. (Matthew 6:34) Worry can expel peace, hence worry is powerful. Worry is powerless to change your situations but powerful to expel the peace in your situations. Worrying would be about two types.

Past worry: When you worry about the past situations in your life. Worrying is looking behind. Our God is capable to restore your past situations to a new one. At times, we dwell in the past situations and fail to look at the present situations. This is like eating stale food when God hosts a feast for you. 

Future worry: When you worry about the upcoming situations in your life. Worrying is being anxious of what would happen in our life. At times, we tend to live in our future and fail to enjoy the present life. This is life eating uncooked or half cooked food without waiting for God to present it on the table for you. 

Worry both past and future are not good for our life. Hence we should refrain from it.

Paul in Philippians 4:6 writes about ways to be followed to escape worry. The elixir to escape worry is as follows: 

  1. Not anxious in anything: Be it any issue never be anxious. Anything is the word used here. Anything is from small things to big things. Even in the finest of the things, stay away from anxiousness.
  2. Pray in everything: In each and every thing pray. Pray about everything. Replace anxiety with prayer. 
  3. Give thanks: When you replace anxiety with prayer then God controls your life and hence it will be good. A good life demands thanksgiving.

When you live like this then you will receive the peace mentioned in Philippians 4:7 as, “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will Guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus”.