#1: Power packs of hope

As a very much normal Christian youngster of today, I was one in the big group who goes to church regularly, prays regularly, never misses Holy Communion, never misses Christmas worships, listen to Don Moen songs, and tells hallelujah and praise the lord for everything. Just did what we saw our parents do. But does that make us real children of Christ?

I feel, “It’s the trust and faith we have in our LORD when we are put through a test that makes us true Christians”.

        Such a situation arose in my life, I was pushed to the extreme of testing my faith on God’s word. I am Dr.Santhosh, just completed my post-graduation and was very much waiting for my next step in life with a big question mark??? There were a million people around giving advises and opinions, but I felt something else is in stock for me from CHRIST. I felt it seriously. I wanted to pursue a small training course before I settle down. Tried in all the possible places I could for few months. Missed lot opportunities right before my eyes, counting that I will sure get a better place for my course, days weeks months passed by almost 6 months, I WAITED.
And one big helping hand which made me get along this period to wait for Gods plans was the messages and images from “Aide for hope”. Let it be taken co incidental or God’s plan each time when I wanted to quit waiting I used to see a really good message boosting my faith in LORDS PLAN than mine, like how we need a power pack in a game when the life is going down. Each time I used to get a power pack from their messages, especially those messages on HOPE, GODS PLAN, PATIENCE, GODS WILL…. short crisp two lines in a wonderful backdrop picture so pleasing. It became a routine that whenever I felt low I used to wait for a message or image from them, which will push me for 2 more days. I WAITED…. I WAITED….
When I decided 6 months is really long period its better I stop and pursue my next course. In the last week of my six month long waiting period came a miracle……To my perishable human brains I was trying for a course in oncology in INDIA. But see what CHRIST gave me, I was admitted for a 6 months training program in oncology in SHANGHAI UNVIERSITY, CHINA.
Its true GOD HAS BETTER PLANS, unimaginable things to human brain. I am very thankful for the excellent words of hope given to me by AIDE FOR HOPE, helping me to overcome the period when my faith was put to test. GOD BLESS them with abundant grace and let them continue to reach lot of people who are at the brink of losing faith in GODS PLAN… I realized a big truth from this incident of mine, which now I share with most of friends:

God created us, He knows what to give us

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